Pelvic Anatomy Determines How to Give Birth

In labor, the pathway of the fetus from the uterus is influenced by the shape and size of the woman's pelvis. Pelvic anatomy is one of the determinants of whether labor can be carried out normally or not. Pregnant women need to have a pelvic exam in early pregnancy to get an assessment of the shape of the pelvis. Some women have a pelvic shape that is not suitable for normal childbirth. Even so, that does not mean normal vaginal delivery is not possible. The shape of the pelvis provides additional information about the risk of obstacles in the process of giving birth. In addition, abnormal soft tissue lumps in the pelvis can close the baby's birth canal. The most common abnormal tissue is myoma or uterine fibroids, which are masses that arise from uterine tissue. Most of myoma growth does not cause problems because most of it is found in the upper part of the uterus. However, if the myoma is in the lower pelvis, the baby's birth canal can be closed. Evaluation of the s
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